Methods of Attachment


Soldering is the permanent joining of two or more pieces of metal by using solder and heat. Solder is an alloy that is compatible with the metal being worked with, but has a lower melting point.


Fusing is the controlled melting 2 or more pieces of metal until a permanent bond is formed. Care must be taken not to melt or distort the entire piece. Practice makes perfect!

Gluing – Chemical Bonding

Sometimes, due to the nature of the piece, gluing or chemical bonding is required. Pearls and opals may be attached this way at times because they are soft and often cannot withstand the pressure needed for setting. It is imperative that the glue is never visible.

Riveting – Cold Connection

When soldering is impossible, as in the case of titanium, wood, plastic or glass, small holes are drilled into the pieces to be joined and short wires of silver or gold are hammered through these holes to keep the piece together. Sometimes riveting can be used to create movement in a piece.

This method of attachment is referred to as a ‘cold connection’ because no heat is involved.

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