Robin uses many different types of materials including stones from all over the world.


  • Gold: pure (24k) hallmarked 999, 22k – 916, 18k – 750, 14k – 583, 9k – 375
  • 23 or 24k foil used for Keum Boo is not hallmarked
  • Sterling Silver (92.5% silver & 7.5% copper) is hallmarked 925
  • Palladium/Silver (alloy of palladium & pure silver) also hallmarked 925. As palladium is a very expensive metal, this is reflected in the price of the finished piece.
  • Fine Silver is pure silver (has no copper content, therefore does not tarnish). I use this for enameling, hallmarked 999FS
  • Bi-metal is a thin layer of 22 or 18ct gold permanently bonded on to sterling silver, hallmarked: 916 & 925 (for 22k) or 750 & 925 (for 18k)
  • Titanium is a very hard metal which can be coloured by using an electric current or an open flame (I use a flame). This metal cannot be soldered and is not hallmarked.
  • Brass and Copper are base metals, not hallmarked.
  • Stainless Steel: I use this for the pins of the brooches because it is far stronger than sterling silver.


  • Vitreous Enamel: high temperature, transparent enamel. I use transparent enamels because I love the way the silver shines through the enamel.


  • Australian opals
  • South sea and freshwater pearls
  • Precious and semi-precious gems from around the world

All jewelry and photographs are by Robin Phillips and may not be used without written permission