Care Instructions

Here are a few simple care instructions which will help keep your purchase in its original condition.

Pearls, Druzy Quartz and Opals

  • Keep them dry as moisture or excessive sweat can affect the stone.
  • Never apply hair spray or perfume while wearing and never use harsh chemicals such as gold or silver polish to clean them.


  • Always put on or take off over a soft surface – enamels are glass and while they are quite robust they don’t take kindly to being dropped onto a hard surface.
  • Wrap in acid-free tissue paper and store inside a soft pouch and away from other jewelry which may accidentally be dropped onto it.

Married metal

  • Clean with polishing cloth. Some pieces have had a sealant applied to ensure that the finish is permanent.

Keum Boo

  • Clean with a polishing cloth only.

All jewelry should be stored separately in a soft bag or acid-free tissue paper and cleaned with a polishing cloth.

All jewelry and photographs are by Robin Phillips and may not be used without written permission