Project Description

Cloisonné enamel pendant with Viking weave necklace

Stunning domed and embossed cloisonné enamel pendant, with a surprise pearl recessed in the setting. The hand made Viking weave chain perfectly compliments the pendant and is designed to sit comfortably around your neck. One of a kind and the photo does not do it justice. Photographing the true beauty of enamel is very difficult because it’s so reflective and I am a jeweller, not a photographer – but I did my best. Thanks for looking!

Enameling is a very labour intensive process. The transparent enamels in this necklace were applied and fired between 20-30 times. Building up colours slowly and carefully is what makes cloisonné enamel jewellery shimmer.

For a more detailed description of the process please refer to the Techniques section at the bottom of the home page.